Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Father's Day to the 4th of July; Missing Jerry still!

Three days after we arrived in Oklahoma it was Father's Day.  We sent out a box to the ship a few weeks earlier but it didn't make it there before Father's Day.  Jerry got the box a few days late.  It had cards from the kids including Zuhro.  We included a jar full of jellybeans and lots of other fun stuff. 

Every morning the boys and I wake up and go for a ride on quad.  Sophie, our dog, likes to follow us around.  Cooper likes to look at the ponds, cows and pick apples from the trees.  Carson likes to drive, but I don't dare let him go alone.  
Sophie checking out the pond
Cooper and and apple he picked

One morning Cooper and I were riding by a pond and we ran across this turtle.  I drove to back to the house to get Carson.  Carson rode his bike over to see it.  Pretty cool if you ask me!
The turtle we found
The boys also enjoy the pool, riding bikes, riding scooters and driving their electric cars.  They also like riding in the back of the truck or on the UTV or quad to "check the cows" as my dad calls it.  

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Back of the truck to check the cows...
Most curious "babies"
The Fourth of July
Rocky Road,  Pineapple, and Cake Batter
We went to my uncle's house for the festivities which included hot dogs, hamburgers and homemade ice cream. The kids had a water gun fight and then there were fireworks!  The fireworks were not the kind you get in California; definitely not SAFE and SANE.  Glad we got to watch them and that nobody lost a finger... or eye or any other body part!  

 All the kids playing together is just one of the many reasons moving to Oklahoma was best for us!

We've gone three months without Jerry around and we are surviving.  We miss him a bunch and wish he were here but we are getting it done! 


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